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Male & Female Aesthetics



consultation – treatment – maintenance

From 18 to 65 years old

Young & Sporty Men

Endopeel is worldwide used only by Trained Specialists Physicians

This sporty photomodel 36 years old has got regular sessions of Endopeel techniques for pectorals, butts,six packs,biceps, face & neck, which maintained him fit and young.

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Male Right Pectoral at Relaxation & Contraction after Endopeel

relaxation male pectoral endopeel

Right Pectoral of Male at Relaxation after Endopeel

contraction male pectoral endopeel

Right Pectoral of Male at Contraction after Endopeel


The Mammary Glands are respected

A pectoroplasty on female is completely different than a mastopexy or a mammaplasty.


Female Pectoroplasty

It changes the curve as the angle from the clavicula to the upper limit of the female mammary gland as if a toboggan is created . The female pectoroplasty will lift up the mammary gland without touching it.