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frontal view of female pectoroplasty right side

Just breast augmentation is no more enough for a woman to be attractive with her breast.An adding pectoroplasty is needed .

Profil view of female pectoroplasty right side

The hand of the sexual partner likes to surf from the neck towards the mammary area progressively. That s why the pectoroplasty added to a female breast is much more attractive and looks really natural.

Right Pectoroplasty on Sporty Female

Sporty Females like Photo Models need not only to have a nice attractive breast but also great projected pectorals which are like a toboggan from the clavicula towards the mammary gland.

Pectoroplasty on female having breast implants

If the breast implants are placed correctly ( retromuscular or intermuscular)a pectoroplasty can be done and give a plus to the female breast. Also the pectoroplasty allows to get a minimal mastopexy.

Left pectoroplasty on female in dorsal decubitus

Projection of the treated pectoral is evident and starts 30 minutes after the procedure. No downtime.
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