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Mauro Tiziani is Endopeel Co Inventor

Propose always to males asking for pectoroplasty a whole male package including face,butts, pectorals,6 packs,biceps and shoulders as trapezes. All these procedures are bestly done with Endopeel products and techniques.

male body associated indications

Sporty Guys

Sporty Guys want always to project their pectorals.

Endopeel is the best solution for those goals.

Never use anabolisants !

Normally sporty guys like the male endopeel package offering butts, 6 packs, biceps, trapezes, as face as did like Mauro and also this photomodel.

Right pectoroplasty on young male 30 years old -Dorsal decubitus

The quantity to inject pro pectoral on males ( young ones) is mostly from 4 ml to 6 ml.

6 ml per side have been used here

Quantity is variable for each patient.

Minimum is 4 ml

Maximum 7 1/2 ml per side.

Duration of effect is generally 6 months after 2-3 first procedures.

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More you wait, more overprojected is the pectoral.

Time is helping to get a better projection.
at contraction

Results of Male pectorals at contraction

male pectorals at relaxation profile view

Results of Male Pectorals at Relaxation-Profile views

happy male patient after pectoral treatment

Happy Patient after pectoral and 6 packs treatment