Step by Step Techniques.


Step 1

Mark the limits of the chosen area ou wish to reshape with Endopeel.

Step 2

Mark the 2 extremities of the clavicula as the sternal notch and the acromion.

Step 3

Trace a line between the sternal notch and the acromion of the clavicula that you need to measure.

Step 4

Find the middle ( measure) of the line between the sternal notch and the acromion of the calvicula. Then trace a vertical from the middle of the clavicula towards down

Step 5

Trace an horizontal line going from the axillaris area external towards internal, exactly where when the arm is at 90 grades the deltoid finishes on its internal part.

In fact as well described by Dra.Lorena Morzilli, expert in Endopeel Technics, the red horizontal line has a reference point the intersection of the external bord  of the major pectoral with the anterior axillar line .


Step 6

The intersection between the vertical and the horizontal line determines a point which was ( and isnt anymore since 2018) the point of maximal projection.

Step 7

Divide the pectoral area from down to up and from inside towards outside with vertical and horizontal lines separated by 2 wooden tonguers or 1 cm.

Step 8

You need to apply vectors normal to each square with a minimum of 0.01 ml. The tensors ( here arrows) look towards the old projection point with a direction and a sense of lifting+tightening under the red horizontal line and only tightening without lifting above the red horizontal line. For each tensor, you need to apply 0.01 ml minimum

Step 9

REmember that the projection point for the fashion since 2018 is 4 cm above the intersection of the 2 red lines. You need then to apply at least 0.5 ml to 1 ml from the intersection of the 2 red lines towards the new projection point, 4 cm above the intersection point.